Ali Spagnola

Who is this fiiiiiine artist?

I am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University’s art school. Yes, I have printed proof that I’m an artist. And if you’re a graduate of CMU you know its an exceptionally LARGE document. That’s how I know that what I make is legit.

My art is for everyone. I think too many people feel that fine art is confusing, boring, ugly or unrelatable. This is my attempt at changing that.

Also, I’m a female. Many people have been having trouble with that. I guess my name is kind of ambiguous. I’m adding this picture of myself to further humanize what I’m doing. This is to show everyone I’m an actual person. I do not need a date. So please focus your emails on art :)

ali spagnola

Plus I have to show you my red glasses so you know I’m really art-y.

I do other lots of other stuff besides free paintings. You can read about it in my extensive bio or check out my main website.