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The history of a girl that's here to save the world from sobriety and missed phone calls

The term polymath is thrown around a lot these days . . . and Ali hopes someone will throw it at her. She does many different, seemingly unconnected things and this biography will attempt to tie them together to explain one fabulously interesting person. Now, this may sound a bit conceited and that is only because Ali is, in fact, a bit conceited and she is the one writing this. Although she is not too conceited to know that anyone actually cool would have someone write her bio for her. OK, on to the facts.

The Early Years

Ok, that's enough with the chronological. The rest of this is going to be grouped by subject to make it easier to follow.


This is all the visual stuff that Ali does

Free Paintings

Ali has been doing a project called Free Paintings for four years. She takes requests online via email about what she should paint. She fills one request a day creating a 12x12", bright, pop art, acrylic painting of whatever subject any stranger wants and posts it on her website. She then mails the painting to the requester for free. She doesn't even charge for shipping. Requests are filled on a first come first serve basis (unless you decide to donate to help her continue the project) and the wait list for a free painting is now about 1,500 people long. So far, Ali has completed over 2,000 paintings for the project and still continues to create one square foot of art a day.

Other Visual Things

Ali does freelance design and art. She creates artworks and illustrations based on commission. She also designs logos, websites and graphics. (Yes, she made this website you're reading right now.) Some of her art commissions and freelance designs can be seen in her portfolio. Though it is pathetically out of date because Ali is busy doing other things. She swears she plans on getting it updated soon. . . ish.


Ali is still a music nerd

Ali's Discography

Ali has released four albums of music. Here's the list of the first three followed by notable places her jams have been featured:

The Ego is an (objectively) catchy collection of pop/electro tracks. It's dance music for smart people.

The album before that was a CD of dance tracks Ali was hired to create for a Pittsburgh dance convention called "Free of Style".

The album before that was Ali's self titled debut.

Ali has also contributed a track titled "Spagnola Orchestration" (sometimes titled "Radiation Orchestration") to the suite of default ringtones on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 Android phones.

The Power Hour Drinking Game

When Ali was in college she started playing Drinking Game Concerts that she created by taking the idea of a "Power Hour" - drinking 60 shots of beer in an hour - and mixing it with a live show. She wrote 60 one-minute drinking songs and performs them live while people drink along with every song. Then, a man named Steve Roose claimed he owned the concept of a "Power Hour", trademarked the term and tried to stop Ali from performing her Drinking Game Concerts and distributing her music. Steve also bullied other Power Hour creators getting videos taken off of YouTube, websites removed, software taken down and Ali's music removed from Amazon and Rhapsody. Ali didn't want to sit back and let Steve stop her from distributing her art. She started a company called Binge Responsibly, LLC and took Steve to court to free the game for everyone.

During this long legal battle, Ali recorded these 60 one-minute drinking songs to create her most recent release, The Power Hour Album. She also designed, developed and manufactured her new Shot Glass USB invention, a shot glass with a removable USB drive that holds The Power Hour Album. (It's a shot glass. It's an album of party music. It's a drinking game. It's a USB drive. It's AWESOME.) This drinking game album and Shot Glass USB have received much critical acclaim on the intertubez.

After the release of her Shot Glass USB and 3 years of fighting Steve in court, the verdict of the Power Hour trademark case was announced. The court ruled in Ali's favor! Power Hour is now free for everyone! Following the announcement, Ali launched a crowdfunding campaign and successfully funded her Freedom Victory Tour and traveled across the US celebrating the legal victory.

YouTube Tracks

Ali hosts a web show titled "Most Googled Song" where she writes a ridiculous jam about the recent popular search term on Google. She also known for her One-Gal Band Covers where she performs popular hits playing all the instruments and cuing loops by herself.


The things Ali currently does to earn a paycheck (Don't tell her employers that she'd totally do them for free)

Video Game Artist

Ali had a "real" nine to five job. Though it didn't seem real because she could basically wear pajamas every day to work and her office was filled with toys. She was an artist at a video game company. There she created graphics and animations as well as composed the songs for their video games. (Should that be in the "Music" section?) The most notable thing Ali worked on as a video game artist was the Toy Story Midway Mania game in Disney World. She created graphics and animations for the score board on that ride. After the announcement of Ali's legal victory, she left this "real" job to pursue rock stardom full time.

Sound Designer

While pursuing rock stardom, Ali also does contract work in sound design. She composes music and creates UI sounds, alarms and ringtones for mobile devices and desktop programs.


Things you need to know that didn't fit anywhere else.


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