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“What’s Your Name” in Google Music’s Free Songs

by on Jun.22, 2011, under Uncategorized

My song, “What’s Your Name”, just got added to the free music that Google gives away when you start their music service! If you haven’t heard of Music Beta, it’s Google’s new way to upload your personal music collection and listen to it anywhere. When you first start using it, they offer you a handful of free songs from famous artists…and me!

Right now it’s invite only so you’ll have to request to be able to use the service. Once you get your invite, check the “Pop” genre option when it asks if you want free music. I’m right in there with Cyndi Lauper, New Kids on the Block and Fiona Apple!

Yeah, I just name dropped. Those famous musicians and I are so cool all hanging out together on your computer and not charging you for our art.

Ali Spagnola in Google Music

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