30 Jan

30) Halfway

Shot no.: 30
Song title: Halfway
Style: Electro/Rock
You are: Halfway!

You’ll notice that there are two claps after every time I sing “You’re halfway”. Now, whenever I’m halfway through something, anything, I clap twice to celebrate. I hope this catches on. Page 5 of a 10 page paper? *Clap clap!* Mile 13.1 of a marathon? *Clap clap!* Wednesday? *Clap clap!* It’s a satisfying way to say, “It’s all coasting downhill from here!” Of course, drinking 30 shots after having 30 shots isn’t exactly coasting. But getting this far still deserves some self applause.

This song is really just made up of a ton of different instruments playing one right after another. And they all play the same three notes: the notes I sing for the words “You’re halfway!” I wanted it to feel like all the instruments were telling you “You’re halfway! You’re halfway! You’re halfway!” and celebrating your accomplishment.

It’s always fun to perform this song live because I invite a guest cowbellist on stage for 60 seconds. Even a quite tipsy individual can still whack a drumstick for a minute so the performance is usually stellar. Someday in a perfect world, Will Ferrel will be in the audience and I’ll pull him up on stage for MORE COWBELL! Also, this dream performance will take place in Halfway, Oregon. (Also Halfway, Oregon should make this their town’s official song.)

Download the song: Halfway - The Power Hour Album

Get the T-shirt and gear:

You’re halfway!
You’re halfway!

You’re halfway!
You’re halfway!

You’re halfway!
You’re halfway!

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