22 Jan

New One-Gal Band Cover!

Happy 2016! How ya been? I just put out a new music video that I would love for you to watch :D

That’s it! Usually I put more than one thing into my posts but I’m pretty darn proud of this video/song so that's all I'm showing you :) If you liked it, I would LOOOVE to have you on my Patreon team so I can keep making more!

I hope you're doing super swell! <3

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18 Dec

A holiday hello from your favorite internet weirdo

Happy Holidays!
Here's a not-at-all-holiday video!

I hope you're having a swell December. I've got a show coming up on Tuesday!! If you're anywhere near Pittsburgh, scroll down for details!!

Otherwise… I had a crazy thing happen to me in the past couple weeks that I'd love to tell you about. Check it!

Oh! Also! Today I put out this video of 10 super-short, super-silly mashups!


This Tuesday!
Let's party in person, Pittsburgh pals!

Tuesday, Dec. 22 Ali’s Pittsburgh Holiday Homecoming
Pittsburgh, PA Club Cafe | 8:00pm

I'm coming home for the holidays!!! My awesome drummer, Colin, and I are playing together for the first time in a year. Yes, this time we're rocking kickbutt covers that you know and love. Yes, it will be amazing. Yes, I am super pumped about this night.

BONUS! Here's a holiday treat! Have you guys heard of eggnog? Here, let me show you how to make it in 6 seconds.

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23 Nov

New Videos! And a holiday homecoming show!

Look at them with your eyeballs and earballs!

I did a new One-Gal Band cover and it's got a surprise at the end that I think you're gonna like. GO CHECK IT OUTTTT!

Also, I told my most embarrassing story publicly and it's awful. DON'T CHECK IT OUTTTT!


I'm home for the holidays. Let's get nuts.

Tuesday, Dec. 22 Ali’s Pittsburgh Holiday Homecoming
Pittsburgh, PA Club Cafe | 8:00pm

Ahhh!!! This is the first show I'm playing in Pittsburgh in a whole year! If you are aaaaanywhere near Pittsburgh, DO NOT MISS THIS EPIC ONE-TIME PARTYSHOW :D

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20 Oct

Lollipops and Livestreams

Oh man, I just realized I've made a lot of stuff in the last month. If you haven't been keeping up with my videos, there have been 4 new ones you def need to see. Here's my fave:

And I've got another One-Gal Band video coming up soon …because of YOU GUYS!! Have you seen my Patreon??? Holy crap! I've been able to keep making videos because of the ridiculous support you've given. Thank you so much!!! If you're not on this freaking amazing team, I'd love to have you join us immediately :) CLICK ON THIS SWEET PROPAGANDA I MADE TO SIGN UP:



Stevie + Ally + Ali LIVESTREAM SHOW
Our monthly party!

Thurs, Oct. 22 Stevie + Ally + Ali LIVESTREAM SHOW
Live music and chat with us online! | 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT

We are doing our monthly partyshow this Thursday! You guys crashed my site last time. (HAH! Dope!) So we're using YouNow this time… and still holding the tip challenge where we compete against each other to get the most love from you guys. Haha it's been hilarious and awesome because you guys are awesome :) SEE YOU SOON!


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16 Sep

Live in LA + Live online + New Adventure!

Final show with DJ Keith!
An epic farewell

Friday, Sept. 25 Final Power Hour with DJ Keith
Hollywood, CA Loaded | 10:00pm

This is my final show with the infamous and insaaaaaane Keith Myers before he moves out of LA. I toured the country with this crazy DJ and after 20 cities across the nation, we know how to make a ridiculous party. We’re playing lots of my originals and it’s gonna get interactive and WEIRD. You don’t want to miss this one. RSVP and invite friends here!


Livestream party!
Let’s hang out in real time

Saturday, Sept. 19 No Pants Power Hour livestream show
Live online! | 10:30pm ET / 7:30 PT

Stevie, Ally and I are doing our monthly livestream this weekend! Come hang with us and the rest of the Power Hour League while we play some rad jams and live chat with all of you! Pants optional.


New Ali’s Adventures video!
Watch the story from my “rockstar” life

I’ve released episode two of my storytelling series! It’s a crazy one. I feel the need to tell you… I swear this actually happened to me. Watch the insanity here!


And finally, I just wanted to say thanks for being so awesome, *|FNAME|*. My Patreon has absolutely taken off from everyone’s support. I’ve been able to make some super rad things and will keep doing it because of YOU. THANK YOU!!!



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