08 Apr

Power Hour League… LET’S. DO. THIS.

Campaign ends tomorrow night?!

Ok. There are on 33 HOURS left in the Freedom Victory Tour campaign. What?! We are 73% funded. That is not all of the percent. LET’S MAKE IT ALL OF THE PERCENT! Are you ready to get serious with me Power Hour League?? Can we raise $10,743 before midnight PT tomorrow?? Freakin’ YES! If we all work together to spread the word!

Ifffff we can make this happen, I will send every one of you one of these new, Power Hour League koozies to commemorate what a freaking awesome accomplishment we accomplished with our accomplishing-ness! Check it!


These babies will only exist if we can reach this goal together! And how awesome will it be to show off at your next Power Hour that YOU made it happen…

  • for Ali (That’s me!)
  • for the Power Hour League (That’s you!)
  • for FREEDOM! (That’s freakin’ sweet.)

I’m really excited to make these and really excited to spread the word with you guys and pull this campaign to an awesome finish! You guys can reply to this email directly to hit me up about anything. Have some last-minute excitement building ideas? Want a special perk that’s not on the list? Email me! I’ll be living on my laptop, not sleeping and campaigning hard until this is over. So say “Hi!” because I’m going to need some positivity as I’m working my butt off.

Ok, now get out there and get your friends excited about getting some sweet perks! Get them excited about what we’re building! A global Power Hour Party!


P.S. I do have to mention that I can’t mail koozies to the people that contributed at the $1 level, otherwise I’ll lose money. So look at this as incentive to up your dollar to something higher! You’ll get us closer to the goal and I’ll send you awesome stuff in the mail!!

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08 Mar

20k by Saturday ACHIEVED!

WAHOOOO!!! We reached the goal of 20k by Saturday!! Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen! Especially the awesome anonymous donor that kicked in the last $1,000!!



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08 Mar

Holy Halfway!

Update: WE DID IT!!! Thank you so much to everyone that helped make this happen!!

Yesterday I made a big goal to get my Indiegogo campaign halfway funded before Saturday. I’ve gotten much closer to the mark since then but there’s currently still $1,413 to go.

And now for the awesome developments: I just received this email…

What are the odds that you could make it to $19k by today? I’d be willing to kick in the last $1k to tip the scales past the half way mark. Whuddaya say? The halfway mark seems to be a solid goal.

Holy crap!! If I can get just $413 before tomorrow, this amazing contributor will get us the rest of the way to our goal!

So PLEASE! Help me out! Contribute! Or up your contribution to a bigger perk! And share my campaign on all your social networks! Link to www.indiegogo.com/powerhour! Let’s get to the all important halfway mark together!!

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07 Mar

20k by Saturday!

I’m headed to shows in SXSW and Philly this Saturday! Because I’m going to be busy traveling for quite a while, I’ve made a huge goal to get halfway funded before I leave. Please help me out!

Campaigns that are over 50% funded have a WAAAAY better chance of getting fully funded because people are multiple times more likely to back a winner as opposed to someone struggling. So if you’ve been considering backing me, now is the time to do it! Getting to $20k will make a huge difference for my campaign. And I will be very appreciative of your timely support :)

You can also help by telling friends about the goal: 20k by Saturday (Hee hee that rhymes.) Please tweet, Facebook, email, G+! The better chance I have to get funded, the better chance you have of partying at one of my shows in your town!!

As an added bonus, if we do get halfway by Saturday, I’m going to send out these sweet “I won Ali’s Power Hour” stickers to everyone that got a physical perk! KICKASS! So if we reach this goal together, you guys get more awesome stuff in the mail (This is a great reason to upgrade to a physical perk right now if you’re at the $1 or $15 level.)


Now get out there and help me make it happen, Power Hour League! 20k by Saturday! The outlet says thanks for your help :)


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26 Feb

You Can Fight the Man (With a Beer In Your Hand)

New song! New video! So excited! Screw explaining. Just watch!

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