20 Nov

New Hunger Games Music Video

I just released my newest video with Fandango. Yes, they actually hired me to do stupid things on camera. Check it!

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30 Sep

The Power Hour App is live!! GO GET IT NOW!!!

My app has finally launched :D It’s on iPhone and iPad or Android devices. I’M. SO. PSYCHED.

(If you still haven’t heard about it yet, check out the vid here.)

YOU HAVE TO GET IT TODAY. Seriously, I need your help! I put it on sale at 1/2 off for only today because the more people that download in the first 24 hours, the better chance it has to be featured in the App Store… Apple rejected it 3 times?? They think our game shouldn’t be allowed in their store? Well let’s show them by getting it into their top downloads today :)

Go download it! And tell all your friends! Come on, Power Hour League! We can do thissssss

          Get it on Google Play

app sale2


I’m pretty psyched to hear the feedback from you guys :) Oh man, I hope you like it




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22 Sep

Power Hour App launching for iPhone and Android!

power hour app saleAfter battling with the Apple Store, my new Power Hour Drinking Game app is finally launching on iPhone and Android! It goes live SEPT. 30TH and I’m having a special one-day sale to celebrate! Mark your calendars and get it the day it comes out!

I’m also holding a livestream show the day before the release so we can party online until it comes out at midnight! Join me and my Power Houring crew live in studio. We’ll have the chat room going so you can talk live with me and the rest of the Power Hour League while we all drink along!

Monday, Sept. 29th

Power Hour App launch party
10:00pm ET / 7:00 PT




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19 Sep

This App Is Barely Legal

Ok, so I made this app… It’s for playing a Power Hour Drinking Game. I designed what it does (which are awesome things), plus I created all the graphics myself and I’m super freakin’ proud of it. I was super freakin’ psyched when I finally submitted to the Apple Store.

Then, Apple said it was dangerous and rejected it. So I changed the description, removing anything that said “game” to fool them into thinking it’s safe. Apple was not fooled. Rejection #2. So I edited the wording within the app and removed any reference to “drinking” to further fool those suckers. Apple was not suckered. Rejected AGAIN.

At this point I got very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get this app out to the world at all. Time to head to Android! The app is now ready for Android :)

Now back to the Apple Store. I edited lots more of wording and images within the app and description. I had to completely get rid of any time I said “Power Hour”. This is especially frustrating because I actually fought a legal battle against an asshat (and won after 3 years) freeing everyone to play Power Hours! More about that here.

Anyway, I submitted for the FOURTH TIME, having zero hopes of this working and thinking I’d actually have to change how my app works (watering it down to be some lame piece of crap) to ever get it accepted…

…APPLE WAS FOOLED HAHA SUCKERS WOOOO!!! My app is now launching on iPhone and Android on Sept. 30th!!! I’m so excited to release this thing for you guys after I worked so hard on it! (And then had to work so hard to get it to you.) Here’s the website I made to show you all the cool stuff Ali’s Power Hour App does. Check out the video too!:

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22 May

No Pants Power Hour livestream show is ALL NEW!!

There is something seriously special going down this Sunday night (on the holiday weekend!). We’re about to make some magic happen and you need to be a part of it. My No Pants Power Hour livestream show is now completely revamped. And I’m SO. PSYCHED. Check out what we’ve got to make it a bajillion times better:

A new set
Holy crap, the new studio we’re broadcasting from is freakin’ fantastic!

Hugely improved sound and video
We gonna sound and look amazingggg.

A live studio audience
Yep, real laughs from real people doing a real Power Hour with us in real time. Kickass!

A special guest for each show
This month’s guest is Chris Wright, an absolutely hilarious improv comedian.



A new crew
AH!! The videographer that came on tour with me, Dustin, is now producing the show! And we’ve got my comedian friend, Sereny, interacting live with the chat room!

A new format
Think… late night show + Double Dare + variety show + drinking game. More comedy, more music, more awesomeness, same amount of aggressive drinking.

I’m seriously sooooo excited for this Sunday. I can’t wait to party with you guys online!! Make sure you RSVP so I know your rad self will be there. And invite friends, too!

Sunday, May 25
10:30pm ET / 7:30pm PT

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