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28 Aug

Me on the Radio!

I was just on two radio shows to talk about my Power Hour. Like, real broadcasts. Whoa! 98 Rock, the biggest station in Baltimore, brought me in last Friday. A couple of weeks ago, Mancow Muller had me perform on his show that’s syndicated to 50 cities and 4 million listeners! I’m pretty psyched I didn’t say something incredibly stupid on incredibly immediate and incredibly permanent live radio. Hooray! You can hear how they went below.

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11 Jul

Yay for Expert Usability

Shout out to my buddies over at Expert Usability! Thanks for your helping my site’s usability rock extra hard :)

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22 Jun

Me and My Power Hour on TV!

trueTV played my Power Hour on “World’s Smartest Inventions”!

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10 May

Coolest Gadgets: Power Hour USB Shotglass – Prepare to Party

Power Hour USB Shotglass – Prepare to Party
Check out the Shot Glass USB, not only is it a shotglass, on a lanyard, so it is constantly at the ready and unable to be misplaced, thereby saving valuable drinking time, but it is also a 1 gigabyte USB, not loaded with spreadsheets or pictures of your last boring vacation to Florida… but (wait for it) …one minute drinking songs, with which, you play the Power Hour Drinking Game!
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04 May

The Boston Phoenix: Thinking Outside the Box Set

Thinking Outside the Box Set
Ali Spagnola was a struggling singer-songwriter who, two years ago, came to terms with the futility of rocking coffee shops. So she transformed herself into a sexy Pittsburgh pub diva with a ruler-flat midriff, and made her audience take beer shots for every song she played.
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