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07 Feb

Update: I Have No Updates

Since a lot of people have been asking me lately, I’m giving a (non) update about the “power hour” trademark suit: We’re still waiting on the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Nothing has happened since the beginning of December when I filed the Trial Brief. Yeah, litigation ain’t speedy. The total tab so far (after almost 2 years and counting) is $30,000. Ugh.

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02 Dec

We Filed the Trial Brief

trial briefYesterday my lawyer filed 26 expensive pages of crap known as the “Trial Brief”. Expensive because I just got another invoice along with it bringing the total cost for this case to $30K. Yes, that’s thirty friggin’ thousands of dollars. BUT! this MAY just be the last thing we have to do for the opposition. *cautiously optimistic WOOHOO!*


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12 Sep

The Testimony and Exhibits are Filed

My lawyer has officially submitted my testimony and exhibits to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Now it’s time for more waiting. I hope the TTAB finds some humor in all this mess. I also hope they find my argument convincing :)

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01 Sep

Testimony Approved

After making corrections, I just signed my copy of the written transcript of the testimony saying it’s a true record. There was only one error. The stenographer didn’t know that “61 minute songs” is actually supposed to be “60 one-minute songs”. Apparently she’s never done a power hour. I should have taken her out to party after.

Now this means my lawyer and I have until Sept. 16th to serve the transcript. More to come after that!

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18 Aug

Testimony Achieved and Still No Steve

Yes, that rhymed.

Anyway, the testimony yesterday went well! It was a lot of me being asked to “identify this document” which were emails from Steve and “please read what is in the second paragraph” kind of things. It wasn’t as dramatically “Law & Order” as I would have liked but there was at least a stenographer which, I found, is a big encourager of self consciousness. It’s weird having every word you say on record.

I got to talk about Carnegie Mellon fraternities, the origin of my knowledge of power hours. And I got to give a special shout out to my high donors. Thanks again to “Those people” and “Anonymous” who gave some extra evidence by both donating over $1,000 in support! I also go to point out how Steve says and does contradictory things. I bet it would have been the first time the stenographer ever had to type “giant stupid meanie-head jerk”. Well, too bad I had self control and kept it to myself.

And speaking of Steve, no, he didn’t show up. He had a chance to cross examine me and he didn’t take it. I’ll update again once the testimony has been submitted or if Steve does get in touch with my lawyer.

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