25 Jul


Q: What is The 27th Shot?

A: This site features (anonymous) drunk texts sent to Ali Spagnola during the 27th shot of her Power Hour Drinking Game.


Q: What is Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Drinking Game?

A: It’s an album of 60 one-minute drinking songs by Ali. To play the drinking game, listeners take a shot of beer every time the song changes. Check out The Power Hour Album website for more info.


Q: Which song marks The 27th Shot?

A: listen to Text Someone That's Not Here


Q: Who is Ali Spagnola?

A: Ali is a drinking composer with a music problem.


Q: How do I drunk text Ali?

A: Text SHOT27 followed by YOUR MESSAGE to 66174


Q: Why isn’t my text on the site?

A: Ali probably just hasn’t had a chance to update the site yet . . . or you were exceptionally vulgar. Just give her some time, or be slightly less offensive.


Q: Am I going to have to pay for this?

A: Nope! Your cell phone plan might have fees but Ali doesn’t charge anything for you to drunk text her.

Unless you meant “pay for this” as in retribution for partying so much. In which case the answer is still no. All the texts are anonymous and shown only with their area code. So no next-day regret. Get stupid and send stupid things!


 Q: What’d fh bid I was resign at clip drinking hand concept,? I’m on log

A: Congratulations! You’ve finished the Power Hour!!


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